Group Profile

Established in 1998, Tumyu Group is renowned as the leader of private education and has evolved into an enterprise with multi-brands. Its scope of business widely ranges from education, equity investment, overseas investment to featured projects, etc.

Tumyu is one of the first group of venture capital investment corporations, corporations to invest in secondary colleges and universities, and overseas investment corporations. It is also one of the largest private education groups in China. It was ranked as one of the Top Ten Education Groups in 2008.

Tumyu has invested in Beijing Tumyu Education Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Tumyu Technology Co., Ltd., Tumyu Investment (Wuhan) Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Tumyu Technology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Tumyu Educational Consultancy (Group) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Tumyu Education Shareholding Co., Ltd., Lesi (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd., Tumyu Educational Research Institute, etc.

Committed to developing AI education, Tumyu is the exclusive private educational entity in China that owns AI core technology and is also the exclusive education group that is devoted to educating children through “teaching, learning, practicing, examining, diagnosing, tutoring and managing” and offers overall solutions for K12 education.

Committed to holistic education, Tumyu has invested in three universities including New Media Arts College of Xi’an Polytechnic University, School of Design of Jianghan University and Wuhan University of Communication. Also, Tumyu has invested in eight primary and middle schools including Wuhan Senior High School of Fine Arts, Huanggang Tumyu High School, Dawu Tumyu Experimental School, Zhongxiang Tumyu Experimental School, Guangshui Scholars School, Tumyu Experimental School of Lincang No.1 Middle School, Tumyu Experimental School of Puer No.1 Middle School, Chongqing IA International School(under construction) and Lesi Education, a global chain training organization. With a total enrollment of 110,000 students, Tumyu has so far successfully extended its business to the thorough value-chain in education domain, from basic education to higher education, vocational education to academic education, domestic education to international education, full-time education to training industry, digital education and educational excursions.

Striving to explore overseas opportunities, Tumyu has made investment in education-related projects across continents, from the United States, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, New Zealand, England to Cyprus.

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