Wuhan Tumyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Tumyu Technology Co., Ltd. is an AI+ education technology company focusing on in-depth research in many specific fields. The main fields of research range from educational big data and its visualization, artificial intelligence to allow the educational modernization of primary and middle schools, intelligent technologies to improve students’ learning competence to intelligent learning systems, etc. The products range from K12 education, overseas study, college education to vocational education, etc.

The company was funded by ATA and SoftBank in 2014. In November 2018, the company announced a strategic partnership with Baidu Education Division and established a joint laboratory to focus on the construction of an intelligent online marking system in the K12 field. At present, the products have served more than 5 million students in China and users are from New Oriental Education, Puxin Education, Hubei Provincial Department of Education, Pearson Group, etc.

As the exclusive education company with core AI technology in China, Wuhan Tumyu Technology Co., Ltd. has four advantages as below:

1. A strong team

The technical team is composed of three teams from Baidu AI Education, ATA and Silicon Valley in the USA. The content team is led by Wang Houxiong, nicknamed "Test God" by Chinese students, and includes more than 2,000 leading teachers in different disciplines in China to accurately address key problems and difficulties in educational domain.

2. A wide range of products

Corporate products range from smart homework, intelligent online marking, the senior high school entrance examination(English test), provincial and municipal public service platforms for educational resources, education quality monitoring to platforms for big data evaluation, etc., which include “teaching,learning, practicing, examining, diagnosing, tutoring and managing”. The products meet the different needs of students, teachers, parents, schools and educational departments and offer overall solutions for K12 education.

3.Integration of education and technology

Tumyu, an education company rather than an Internet company, is education-centered, allowing AI technology to serve education, seamlessly connecting with its affiliated schools and deeply integrating scientific research with teaching. We are devoted to providing products that are more prospective and practical.

4. Obvious improvements of test scores

It is proven by practice that high school students’ test scores can be improved by more than 100 points after their use of Tumyu AI + education products for three years.